A small but determined group of protesters took to Prince William County’s main thoroughfares Friday evening to remind their neighbors and passing motorists that the work of the Black Lives Matter movement is far from complete.

Organized by Woodbridge High School senior Danyell Williams, a group of about a dozen local teens walked three miles along Smoketown Road, Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway carrying signs with slogans such as: “We should be worried about grades dropping, not bodies.”

In remarks before the event, Williams said she was disheartened to hear of more police shootings of Black people occurring even before justice had been won for previous victims such as Breonna Taylor. 

“It was just another body, just another person … who was shot down because of his skin color,” Williams said.

The Aug. 23 police shooting of Jacob Blake, 29, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the fatal police shooting on Sept. 2 of Deon Kay in Washington, D.C., have reignited protests around the country.

Williams said young people have much in common with civil rights demonstrators of previous generations with one exception: “We not only want a better future for our children, we want a better country for ourselves,” she said.

The group gathered at Gar-Field High School at the start of the march and were joined by Prince William County Supervisors Victor Angry, D-Neabsco, and Margaret Franklin, D-Woodbridge, as well as Prince William County NAACP President Cozy Bailey and acting Prince William County Police Chief Jarad Phelps.

Angry praised the group for taking action against systemic racism. “It’s really refreshing to see our young people who have picked up this mantle and are driving it forward,” he said.

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I wonder if they will March all the way to Baltimore city or chicago.?


Jill Palermo,

We all know you are a liberal news writer who really loves this kind of story. It is so old news!

Maybe you could have written yesterday all of the boats at the Woodbridge Marina for the Flotilla for Trump!


The systemic racism in the military that allowed a deviant like Victor Angry and and a divisive race baiter like Cozy Bailey become officers. Proves the exact opposite of the myths they claim.

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