A crowd of about 500 people gathered at the Virginia Gateway Shopping Center in Gainesville Monday afternoon and marched along Linton Hall Road toward Lee Highway.

The protesters crossed onto the roadway at times, causing police to divert traffic on two different occasions Monday night.

It was the second large protest occurring in western Prince William County on Monday, June 1, which marked the fourth straight day of area demonstrations.

The gatherings are part of ongoing protests, mostly loosely organized, to demand an end to police brutality in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Arbery in South Georgia. All were African Americans; the first two were killed by police, while Arbery's shooting death by would-be vigilantes was ignored by law enforcement for weeks. 

Monday's protests were loud but mostly peaceful, unlike earlier events on Saturday and Sunday nights that prompted police action after some in the crowds threw rocks and bottles, injuring some police officers and damaging buildings.

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Let me start off by apologizing for two things and try to comment on others comments. First, I mistakenly assumed you knew the demand. I was trying to be brief and to the point in my initial comment. Secondly if you read the article above it’s a little misleading in the fact that we didn’t spill into the streets we were directed into the streets by the police. I do not know if a permit was issued. I do know that the police were there hours ahead of time and the road closures were scheduled on the Prince William County site beforehand. This was a planned protest, it was planned with police involvement.

The demand from the Black Lives Matter website states “we demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police. We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives”.

We live in a society where roads are closed all the time. Parades, construction, funerals, concerts, festivals, etc. etc. etc. and yes demonstrations. Traffic was rerouted the same that day as it is for all road closures. No one was stuck in traffic for an extended amount of time they were just detoured. I’m sorry that you feel that these detours are more important than peoples lives and having equal rights for all. We were obeying the law and the police were directing us the entire time. We were following their direction, they directed us into the streets we didn’t wander into the streets and close off the road, they did, even though the article suggests differently. Many police officers are trying to be a part of the solution maybe you should follow their lead.

I am not sure which 2nd Amendment rally you were referring to but if you are referring to the one in Richmond in January; I find that ironic because it is unlawful to have fire arms near the Capitol building and I also find it ironic because they also closed down roads for that protest as well. But to your point I’m assuming you were OK with those closures? I’m glad you agree everyone should obey the laws but everyone includes the police and our leaders, no one is above the law and the problem is we have been dealing with people thinking and acting as if the law doesn’t pertain to them. Some of these people are protesters, some of these people are opportunistic criminals and some of them are the police and our leaders. Please don’t confuse those situations with this situation.

No, I was not one of those people who was complaining about those protesting for their Second Amendment rights. Do I believe that the 2nd Amendment should have more regulation, just as the 2nd Amendment itself suggests? Yes, I do think that there need to be more regulations around guns and firearms in our Country. But, I do believe in the Second Amendment. I think that every citizen should have the right to protect themselves and that is exactly why we are protesting. Every citizen should have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully and have the right to be arrested without being killed. Thank you for helping to prove my point. I’m assuming from your statement if we were to come armed, instead of just signs, you would be more understanding of our cause and be perfectly fine with that? Thankfully, we don’t feel it is an appropriate way to find a solution. I’m sorry you feel it is.

I am also glad you were not my parent; because my parents taught me to respect the law, respect other people, love thy neighbor and to love this Country; but at the same time have respect and appreciation for other countries and their cultures.


ironic? there were firearms allowed on capital grounds right up to the protest! they have always been allowed. they were "disallowed" due to executive order because the Gov didnt want them. so if you are trying to be honest, let's start there.

also the 2A protest was on a holiday


POLICE=Political Correctness Enforcement


Have they been issued a permit for the demonstrations? Police, how does this work? Blocking roads? Police is completely failing the law abiding citizens. This is utter lawlessness.


The First Amendment is their permit.


Demand...you all demand change? What right do you have to "demand". I demand to be able to travel on roads at will...I demand that my taxes dont rise to pay for illegals, I demand that all people (all people) obey all of the laws!

Now, if you want to sit down and have a conversation...great...if you bring the Antifa Playbook and their 10 rules, then stay home.

But remember this when you do sit down to discuss this you wont get everything you desire, your folks gave in to you all your life...I am not your parents (thanks goodness) and you get all you wish

But dont come to me with a list of demands


they are "demanding" change, politicians will appease them with useless workshops and workgroups about race, pander to them, and then nothing will happen. not to mention the fact that more people died out of these riots and protests than started it. cops shot execution style, homes and business burned, cars and other property destroyed, jobs destroyed (as if there was not enough of that) and they'll get exactly "what" out of this? companies will pander to the protesters/rioters, celebrities will bail them out as usual and pander to them as well..at the end of the day what will actually happen...Nothing


Which is what exactly?


Why were they allowed to block the road? Is this going to be the new normal from county police?


The police and sheriff’s were kind enough to block the roads for us to peacefully demonstrate our first amendment rights and at the same time keep everyone safe. We thanked them and they thanked us for showing up. To answer your question, I hope this is the new normal, because it was a powerfully moving emotional place to be on Monday evening and I hope to see more until the Change we are demanding happens.


Which is what exactly?


this is super interesting, since you were likely one of the same group to complain and pillory those exercising their 2nd amendment rights not more than a couple months ago. interesting how protesting and inconveniencing people is ok, as long as "you" agree with the topic at hand. at least the protesters at the capital a couple months ago didnt loot, pillage and litter. they even policed their own trash.

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