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Paving company says it's ‘moving on’ after supervisors reject asphalt plant permit

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aerial photo Mullen Elementary Allen Myers asphalt plant

A proposed Allan Myers asphalt plant would be 1,300 feet from townhomes in the Kessler Ridge community and 1,450 feet from Mullen Elementary School.

Allan Myers Paving is “moving on” after the Prince William Board of County Supervisors narrowly rejected their application for an asphalt plant in Manassas this week. 

There was some confusion about whether the paving company would get another shot at the special use permit it needs to build a new asphalt plant because the supervisors took two separate votes Tuesday night – one to deny the permit and one to approve it – both of which failed. 

It remains unclear if those votes killed the project outright or if the board could revive the project at a later date. But Mike Carlin, a spokesman for Allan Myers, said that even if the option were available, the company has decided not to bring it back for a vote. 

“We haven’t inquired about whether they’re going to vote again. The company is moving on. They definitely got the message that they were not welcomed,” Carlin said. 

Carlin said the company viewed the county’s Sept. 8 decision as a loss for both the company and county residents. Allan Myers gave $100,000 to Prince William County schools ahead of the board’s vote and offered an additional $250,000 to the schools over the next five years if the permit were approved. The company also offered another $1 million to help mitigate truck traffic concerns in the area. 

“I felt that the investment was so significant that it was going to make things better for the community, but we just couldn’t get there,” Carlin said.

Allan Myers hoped to build the new asphalt plant on a 23-acre site off Bethlehem Road in the Manassas area that was formerly a concrete manufacturing plant. The new facility would have been adjacent to an existing Branscome Paving asphalt plant and about 1400 feet from Mullen Elementary School.

Several residents from nearby neighborhoods mounted a campaign against the new asphalt plant because of concerns over pollution and truck traffic. Several said they already endure such hazards, as well as related health problems, due to the existing asphalt plant and did not want to make the problems worse.

Carlin said that the company has not yet discussed if they will pursue a location for asphalt plant somewhere else in Prince William County or elsewhere in Northern Virginia. The company had chosen Prince William for the plant because of the numerous road projects planned across the county. 

“At this point, there’s nothing else on the table. They really tried to make this the best project for the company and the community,” Carlin said. 

Carlin said he thought the only winner after Tuesday’s meeting was Branscome Paving, a local paving company. Allan Myers, based in Pennsylvania, has offices and asphalt plants in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

“I think probably Branscome was the winner. I think everybody else lost,” Carlin said. 

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Thank you for updating us. It is nice to have websites like this to share news and updates about paving. Cheers from our Alexandria patio contractors in Virginia.


What a slanted title for this article. How about instead..."community prevails, elected leaders listen"

This site is in the Data Center Overaly District, which is a much better fit for the community and has none of the associated adverse impacts the community so eleoquently expressed.

Social Justice and Environmental protection, two core tenets of the Democratic Party should not just be plattitudes. The Repuiblicans were on the right side of this along with one key demorcat. It should have been a unamimous denial.


Where is Corey Stewart when you need him...


Potential jobs and revenue lost here. I dont blame them for moving out after the shakedown done to them for the schools


The people that live there didn't want it. Would you?

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