Rifle removed from Bryan Sniffen via red flag law Prince William County gun Ashland

One of the guns removed from a resident of the Ashland subdivision in January 2021 after he allegedly assaulted a woman and threatened to kill police officers during a standoff outside a residence there, according to court records. Firearms were removed from local residents via emergency substantial risk orders four times in 2022, court records show.

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Jim McCarthy

Certainly in an abundance of caution, lives have been saved of civilians and police. This measure may transgress the absolutist view of gun advocates but no freedom or right is absolute.


These stories shared sound like extraordinary circumstances to attest that the RF law certainly works, and acts as a preventative measure. In my opinion, they are literally saving lives by acting on behalf of a victim or potential victim(s). I think in the long run, it will be a matter of whether or not this law changes or is abused over time. I would certainly hope thats not the case, but if these suspects are caught in the act of non law-abiding, I mean this is certainly a strategy that is a legitimate preventative measure. Owning a gun, just like driving on the road is a privilege at the end of the day. How its utilized is really the "Rights" aspect of it. You have the Right to defend yourself, you have the Right to open carry, you have the Right to conceal carry. We have these Rights, but the privilege of possessing a firearm, could be interfered with, and thats what this RF law is doing. And some people, especially in these circumstances, deserve to lose that privilege. I think thats where we have arrived to at this current moment in time. Certainly not every single human being can be trusted to possess a firearm if they pose a threat or grave danger at a particular moment in time, and depending on other circumstances. Its a preventative measure, and in due time that individual may or may not be able to once again have a firearm in their possession. But thats the privilege of following the law in the first place. Hence the term, Law-Abiding gun ownership.


Hear, hear @ Hawkeye10, well said.

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