Michelle Davis Younger is sworn in as the City of Manassas' new mayor

Michelle Davis Younger, center, was sworn in as the new mayor of Manassas on Monday, Jan. 4. Davis Younger is the city’s first Black, female and Democratic mayor.

Michelle Davis Younger was sworn in as the mayor of Manassas on Monday, becoming the city’s first African American, first woman and first Democrat to hold the position. 

Addressing a crowded city hall last night, Davis Younger said it was “the beginning of a new era.” 

“As I stand on the shoulders of many who have made this night possible, I'm so very blessed and excited to be chosen for this time in our city's history,” Davis Younger said. 

Davis Younger, first elected as a city councilwoman in 2018, was sworn in alongside re-elected council members Mark Wolfe (D) and Pam Sebesky (D), and newly elected councilman Tom Osina (D). She will take over the reins from former mayor Hal Parrish, who has served as mayor since 2008 and did not seek re-election in 2020. Parrish had served on the city council since 1993.

The Manassas City Council now has a 5-1 Democratic majority and Democratic mayor for the first time in the city’s history. David Farajollahi, a Democrat, was appointed as an interim city council member in December to fill Davis Younger’s seat. 

“We have now experienced a major change in this city,” Davis Younger said. “... You, the voters, saw the need for change and have created a different Manassas, a unified Manassas, an inclusive Manassas, where we all get a voice regardless of your last name or what neighborhood you live in.”

Davis Younger was sworn in alongside her parents, who she said have lived in Manassas for their entire lives and have seen the changes that have taken place in the city, including “the segregated and not so pleasant side of Manassas,” she said. 

“They remember very well the places they couldn't even walk in the front door, sit and eat a meal or even stand in the parking lot right here in Old Town Manassas. And now their daughter is the mayor, something they never, ever thought they would see in their lifetime,” Davis Younger said. 

But Davis Younger added that there is still work to be done. 

“We will rise to the occasion together and make Manassas the very best it can be. I look forward to working with each of you in moving us onward,” Davis Younger said. “And know that I, as your mayor will always put your, put our citizens first.”

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