The Manassas DMV is moving to a new, larger location.

The office, currently at 9800 Godwin Drive in the City of Manassas, is moving to the Parkridge Center on Bulloch Drive, in the Manassas area of Prince William County, Virginia DMV spokeswoman Brandy Brubaker said.

The DMV office is tentatively scheduled to open in its new location in late August, Brubaker said. The current Manassas office will close “just a few days prior to opening in the new location,” Brubaker said in an email.

Specific dates will be announced closer to August, she said.

The new location will give the DMV more space to serve a growing number of customers, Brubaker said.

“As the population continues to increase in this area, we need to expand to best serve our customers,” Brubaker said.

The new office will be larger—14,369 square feet, compared to the existing 10,523 square foot space. The new location will also feature the DMV’s “newer, more efficient countertop design,” Brubaker said. 

In addition, the new location will have 21 service windows, compared to the 11 windows at the current location, double the amount of seating and three more testing stations.

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Unfortunately, they have 3 of 12 non testing stalls open. A completely mismanaged facility again.


Let's hope that the larger space and new design will cut down on the wait times, which are currently ridiculous. Now DMV needs to do something about the limited hours they are open. Staying open 2 evenings a week and all day on Saturday for the benefit of their customers who work full-time could be accomplished very effectively with part-time staff, rather than overtime hours for full-time employees. The DMV also needs to work on their online services. There are a number of services that are offered online for individuals that are not offered for businesses.

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