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Waffles was one of 55 animals adopted at the Clear the Shelters event at the Prince William County Animal Shelter Aug. 17. 

Prince William County, Virginia...Thank you! That is the message from the staff of the Prince William County Police Department's Animal Control Bureau and partners in the 5th annual, nationwide "Clear the Shelters Day" event.

Fifty-five animals – 38 cats, 17 dogs – were adopted on Saturday, Aug. 17, during the annual Clear the Shelters event, according to the Prince William County police.

The Prince William Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals covered the adoption fees for animals adopted at the event. 

The Prince William County Animal Shelter, which is run by the police department’s Animal Control Bureau, covered the spay/neuter fees. 

The PWSPCA-sponsored P.A.W. Express was set up in the shelter's parking lot and adopted out 10 cats that were on board, a police department news release said.

With the support of NBC4, NBC-owned television stations, and Telemundo, hundreds of shelters in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia teamed up to take part in a national push to find homes for pets in need.

Other sponsors of the event included Hill's Science Diet and Cat's Pride Cat Litter.

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Maybe now we'll get a break from the save-our-cats tables that are arranged like corn mazes at local super market entrance doors.

Don't even try it. I'm not a cat hater or anything like it for that matter.

But I do have a problem when it comes to dealing with those that have no hesitation at fleecing others out of pocket change while at the same time asking the police to remove a homeless guy that's cold and hungry and sitting up against the wall all the way down at the end of the shopping center.

That is a social value system that is distorted and twisted as far away from decent and sincere as it is possible to be. I wonder what the earnest yearning of these adopted animals would be if they could speak for theirsleves on behalf of our Creator?

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