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P Daly

In the face of mounting evidence on the fragility of our water quality, in the refusal to wait for the completion of the Water study and the Sustainability Commission’s report, PW BOCS marches determinedly on to endanger the Occoquan and the environment through the elimination of the Rural Crescent and the CPA approval for the PWDG. Willful ignorance or reckless indifference? Maybe both.


Remember how our diligent Board of County Supervisors said there was no time to conduct a study of potential impacts to the Occoquan reservoir before rushing through major development projects like the Prince William Digital Gateway and an update to the county’s Comprehensive Plan?

Remember how those calling for greater prudence to preserve a fragile urban watershed were labeled as alarmists and obstructionists?

There is much that is not yet understood about PFAS, but we do know that large volumes of disturbed land from development projects lead to increased stormwater runoff that moves more pollutants into our drinking water sources. Preserving a rural buffer around water sources is essential to preserving water quality.

Chair Ann Wheeler was quoted in an August 3 Potomac Local News article as follows: “You’re asking us to put off decisions on the comprehensive plan, to put off land use. It’s almost like willful ignorance. We’re changing the comprehensive plan.” Was she referring to herself with the “willful ignorance” remark?

Supervisor Kenny Boddye was quoted in an August 11 Prince William Times article as follows: “In an ideal world, I would like to see the results of the watershed study first,” before the vote on the PW Digital Gateway. “But I don’t know how the timing of all of that would work out.” Supervisor Boddye could have easily voted for his “ideal world” solution, but chose to fall in line with his developer-beholden mentor. He should explain to his constituents why placating wealthy data center companies like QTS and Compass was more important than protecting their drinking water.

Your elected leaders had no time to wait for an informed decision with all that developer campaign cash burning a hole in their pockets. Your concerns are clearly secondary to theirs.

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