The “PW Digital Gateway,” a proposed data center corridor that could encompass 2,133 acres of mostly rural land in northwestern Prince William County, is close to Bull Run and Catharpin Creek.

Both are tributaries to the Occoquan River and Occoquan Reservoir, which supply drinking water to about 800,000 residents of Northern Virginia. 

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Bee Kay

I agree with the article -- and many of the comments -- the existing power line feed Loudoun county and Dominion is blowing the whistle! Another warning to the PW BOCS that rushing through this will cause problems and significant costs down the line. Blind rush into the unknown. Poor governance and most of the BOCS interested in false expectations of budget windfall -- PWC is in big trouble under their reign.


🤦🏻‍♂️ So now certain people want to clutch their pearls and get indignant about power lines?! Love that irony. The residents along Pageland Lane have been living below or looking at 115’ power towers and lines since 2008. And IF any additional lines have to be hung for Loudoun or for PW ‘s needs you can be sure those towers will be where they get hung. If you don’t live on Pageland you don’t see the power infrastructure today and when the PWDG gets built you won’t see it then either. Those unsightly and unhealthy power lines we’ve been living amongst are what will power the tax revenues of PWC in the years ahead.


The transmission line easement for Pageland has been there for decades. And was there when the community joined with Maryann and Page six years ago to stop the bi county parkway.

Don’t be angry that you will lose your millions. The facts and math remain indisputable.

There was never enough power capacity along that corridor to support this ridiculous proposal.

P Daly

The article clearly states: "additional high-voltage transmission lines will be needed to meet the needs of new data centers proposed as part of the PW Digital Gateway." The PW BOCS is exercising NO due diligence in their reckless rush to make PWC the global capitol of Data Centers at the expense of their own resident's health, quality of life and property values.


The more risks that are discovered with this project, the faster Chair Wheeler is trying to spin it. Approve it before the people figure out what a permanent disaster this will be for PWC.


If Dominion Energy is already overtaxed supplying Loudoun’s existing 25 million square feet of data center capacity, how do you figure they are going to handle 27.6 million additional square feet for the Prince William Digital Gateway?

Those power lines running along Pageland Lane aren’t there to dry spaghetti. They already carry a significant power load through to the existing Loudoun data centers. The idea that you can just run an extension cord off them to power the Prince William Digital Gateway is ludicrous.

The article says:

• Data centers currently operating, under construction and approved in Prince William County will not be impacted by the pending power crunch because of recent and pending power improvements in the area of Innovation Park, according to Aaron Ruby, Dominion Energy’s media relations manager.

• “In terms of Digital Gateway, we do expect new substations and transmission lines would be needed, but it’s too early to know the size, location or timing,” Ruby said in a July 31 email.

Don’t you think we should know the size, location and timing before blindly committing further to this folly? Doesn’t anybody remember their disappointment as a kid getting Christmas presents with “batteries not included”?

Dominion Energy is saying the same thing opponents of the Prince William Digital Gateway have been saying for months - - build data centers in the industrially zoned Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District where they belong.


Duh, of course new substations will be needed. Nobody ever said they would not. And substation transmission lines will come from the existing tower transmission lines will be needed. The PW Times which supports the opposition to the PW Digital Gateway makes it sound new towers will be needed. Nope. The Dominion East Coast Backbone Towers are in place. They have the power.

The only thing that will be needed are SUBSTATION transmission lines which will go from the existing TOWER transmission lines to the nearby substations. Then distribution lines from the substations to the data centers. All of these could be underground including the transmission lines from the towers to the substations. The beautiful thing about the PW Digital Gateway is any new lines will not have to go through any residential communities or other districts because the data centers will own all the land including the land which has the existing towers on them. Why not use these towers and the power that runs on them to create hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial tax dollars annually?


The current power lines on Pageland is for the Loudoun county data centers. New lines will be required for any data centers approved on Pageland.

Little Bull Run

That map looks wrong.

Little Bull Run

Edited to say, this looks like just the southern portion of the proposed gateway. Perhaps the photo was flipped. The area closest to the battlefield is to the West, not the east. Confusing.


The picture is a north to south view of the area.


The real issue is what is the capacity of Dominion to supply, ie, generate the power needs of the PDWG, not whether the transmission line currently existing are sufficient! Dominion generating capacity is already taxed, and no doubt purchasing power from the regional consortium will be required, unless new generating capacity is funded. No one seems to ask the right questions regarding power for the PDWG--this is a ridiculous proposal suggested by a few (soon to be rich) landowners on Pageland.

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