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Republican Bob Weir greets voters outside the Heritage Hunt polling place during Tuesday's special election to fill the Gainesville District supervisor's seat.

Heritage hunt voters on the corner Bob Weir special election

A Heritage Hunt resident stands on her street corner with signs, reminding her neighbors to vote. 

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This is is not a left vs right issue. This is a money/power vs everyone else issue. It is driven by those who stand to gain from the data centers -- financially or from the power derived from data tracking people's every transaction, location, viewpoint, contacts, relatives, preferences, beliefs, and health. Do we want a surveillance state powered by data centers? Do we want politicians who are funded by corporate interests, ideologues, and the super wealthy? Dear well-intentioned Democrats who care about important issues like affordable housing and the environment: the politicians funded by data center proponents are just using you to reach their own goals.


Well said.


Your last sentence says precisely what I have been trying to tell them for over a year.


Ms. Sumers was a nice clear example of that. Lots of principles I agree with, but data centers 100 feet from homes. And I couldn't decide if her assertion of $1.89/100 as Loudoun's tax base was an example of being stunningly uninformed, an honest and naive disbelief at the discrepancy between Loudoun's and Prince William's tax bases, or calculated misinformation. Regardless, I voted for Weir despite both having reservations and having been a Democrat much of my life.


Bob Weir’s resounding victory proves at least two things:

1) Money can’t buy you love.

An influx of campaign cash from unions, developers and financially motivated data center advocates could not prevent the sound thrashing Ms. Summers took from voters irate over the plundering of western Prince William County by the destructive agenda of BOCS Chair Ann Wheeler.

2) Opposition to the Wheeler regime is a lot more extensive than the “handful of activists” she claims.

Not only did Bob Weir take 9 of 14 precincts, he did so with impressive margins – including more than 75% in the Heritage Hunt, Evergreen and Gravely precincts.

Even those few precincts that Ms. Sumers won had paltry turnout, despite lavish Democratic canvassing and advertising efforts.

It remains to be seen whether the BOCS majority will learn anything from this decisive rejection of their policies. They have been consistently dismissive of public opposition, but Tuesday’s expression was through votes, not words.

The next expression of voter sentiment will be delivered on June 20th when several Democratic supervisors, including Chair Wheeler, face primary challenges. Let’s see how much developer cash they can rustle up for that one.

Game on.

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