State Del. Lee Carter, D-50th

After hinting at a gubernatorial run for weeks, Del. Lee Carter of Manassas formally announced on Friday that he is running for the 2021 Democratic nomination for Virginia governor. 

“For too long, we’ve listened to career politicians and pundits tell us that there is no other way,” Carter said in his launch video, released Friday, Jan. 1. “But no more. In this primary we can finally pick a governor that will fight for the rest of us.”

Carter, 33, was first elected to the 50th House of Delegates seat in 2017 and re-elected in 2019. He is Virginia’s only socialist lawmaker.

“For the teachers and nurses. For shipbuilders and students struggling to make tuition. For everyone with a stack of bills on the kitchen table waiting to get paid. I’m running for governor so the rest of us can finally get what we need and deserve,” Carter said in press release announcing his candidacy.

Carter has said that he will not drop his run for re-election in his 50th District House of Delegates seat if he jumps into the gubernatorial race. Virginia law allows candidates in statewide primaries to run for their House seats at the same time.

Following the 2020 General Assembly session, several of Carter’s bills were signed into law, including a law banning strip searches of children and a law capping co-pays for insulin products at $50 a month which went into effect Friday, Jan. 1.

Carter has introduced legislation ahead of the 2021 General Assembly session to repeal Virginia’s “right to work” law, to allow public school teachers to strike and to abolish the death penalty -- all bills Carter introduced unsuccessfully in 2020.

Carter said several weeks ago that his decision to run for governor would be solely based on whether he “hears discussion from other candidates about making big, transformative change to our political system and to our economy to make sure we have an economy that works for the rest of us.”

Carter is the second candidate from Prince William County and the fourth overall to seek the Democratic nomination in the 2021 governor’s race.

He faces former governor Terry McAuliffe, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, state Sen. Jennifer McClellan, D-9th, and Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd, in the primary.

On the GOP side, Del. Kirk Cox, R-66th, of Colonial Heights, and state Sen. Amanda Chase, R-11th, of Chesterfield, are the only candidates vying for their party’s nomination for governor.

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(6) comments


More socialists infiltrating our government. this needs to be stopped at the voting booth.


Transformative government means that those who are working pay more in taxes so Carter can give it to whomever he wishes to favor - those whom Carter euphemistically calls "the rest of us." "Democratic Socialism" is no different from "Socialism.". The word "democratic" is thrown in there just to make people think it's different from the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, and every other place where socialism has utterly destroyed nations. It's not.


Think he should resign from his delegate position in order to run. He will need that time to even make it past the first debate.

Alfred P

please NO ... just go away. Truly who votes for these turds ?

Mrs. Silence Dogood

Look out if you think you are fighting for what you deserve Mr. Carter.


So he wants to be part of 1% elite rich politician.

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