Independent Hill small area plan new land designations

This diagram shows how the Independent Hill Small Area Plan changes the underlying land use designations in the area. The pink-lined area in the southern node is where 41 acres is now designated for industrial uses, possibly a data center, while the adjoining green area, about 120 acres adjacent to Prince William Forest Park, is designated for "parks and open space." 

rural crescent map with data points
Independent Hill Small Area Plan

An aerial view of the area included in the Independent Hill Small Area Plan.

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It won’t take long for data centers to drain our aquifers. Using 385,000 gallons per day in a medium sized data center will certainly diminish our ground water across PW County. Also, have you any idea how many kilowatt hours are used each day 24/7 to run a medium sized data center? Who pays for this electricity? You, the taxpayer, because the agreement with data centers is we PW taxpayers will provide the infrastructure for high tech corporations to put up data centers. Are you aware that Virginia and mostly Northern Virginia has more data centers than anywhere else in the world? Google it. Check out how many we currently have gobbling up land, farming potential, quality of life, trees, animal habitat, good water and weigh that against the phony argument for jobs. 20 people working in shifts can run a million square foot data center. Do your research.


All right the paving industry thanks you.

The forest industry who pull the trees up and shreds them thanks you.

The construction Industry thanks you

The illegal aliens thank you for the jobs.

The taxpayers curse you

The citizens curse you

The voters will boot you out

Those who hate traffic curse you

Well done and thanks for continuing to turn PEC into Centerville, a sea of rooftops and a mass of blacktop.

There will be however a little something extra in your pay envelope courtesy of the Chamber


In response to the 27,000 people who rely on well water in the Rural Crescent, and the integrity of watershed that feeds the Occoquan Reservior, that also includes the Rural Crescent, Ann Wheeler said " I get frustrated when people make this about water. Development doesn't effect our surface water...... People on wells are at more of a disadvantage, but they are better on public water".

Someone, please educate Ann Wheeler on the critical importance of ground water recharge and how impervious surfaces pollute our water resources. Oh, and someone might want to ask the price tag that will burden PWC residents to run public water throughout the entire rural crescent to 27,000 widely dispersed residents. My guess? Minimum several hundred million dollars. We are talking 80,000 acres. Truly astonishing. Watch the video from the Board Meeting 3/16 10:32:30


Elena: What a "truly astonishing"assumption to make. No one said anything about putting public water through the entire rural crescent. Get your facts straight instead of trying to alarm everyone.

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