Bond Cavazos

Bond Cavazos resigned from Haymarket Town Council and the town’s architectural review board on Sept. 9, citing the impending birth of her child but also noting she often stood alone in her opposition to council decisions.

Cavazos’ resignation from the two boards took effect Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Cavazos was elected to her first term on council in June 2018. Her two-year term ends June 30, 2020. The town charter calls for the remaining council members to fill the vacancy within 45 days. 

Haymarket has a six-member council, which selects one of its members to serve as vice mayor. The town’s elected mayor presides at council meetings. David Leake is the current mayor.

Cavazos read a statement announcing her resignation during council members’ time just before the end of the Sept. 9 regular monthly meeting.

Cavazos said that from the beginning she has worked to preserve the history of the town and promote small business. But she said on most issues. “I’ve stood alone in opposition to positions taken by the mayor and most council members. It is exhausting knowing that I may always be one of possibly two ‘no’ votes on too many important issues where I think council is completely out of step with the desires of its residents as expressed during citizens’ time. One voice on the council cannot affect change, mostly because of the lockstep marching to the mayor’s drumbeat.”

Cavazos recently voted against allowing the demolition of a building at 6706 Jefferson St., a former home left standing after six others declared blighted in the same block were allowed to be torn down. The 4-to-1 vote at the August meeting reversed a denial to demolish by the ARB. The house at 6706 Jefferson St. hasn’t been torn down yet.

The town has received a proposal to build a four-story Hilton hotel within the block where the demolished buildings stood. Originally planned as a six-story hotel, the height was reduced to comply with the town’s 50-foot height limit.

Leake has supported the hotel proposal, which would have meeting space and a café.

“It would bring an economic revitalization to our downtown district by serving as a tourism anchor and destination,” Leake said in recent text message. “With a well-known name as a Hilton, this project would help assist our current small businesses to thrive, help fill the current retail and office vacancies within the town.”

Leake said his review of Cavazos’ voting record shows that she voted with the majority 87.9 percent of the time. 

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