Birmingham Green is a regional nursing home and assisted living center for low-income seniors in Manassas.

Birmingham Green nursing home announced today that 10 residents and nine staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Wednesday, April 22. 

Birmingham Green is a regional long-term care facility that is supported by public funding and houses low-income seniors and adults with disabilities. Its nursing home and related facilities are located in the City of Manassas on Va. 28. 

Birmingham Green staff who have tested positive are self-isolating or have completed a 14-day quarantine period. Isolation precautions are in place for residents of Birmingham Green, according to a press release issued Thursday morning. 

Some residents and staff are under investigation and are isolating as a precautionary effort, the press release said. 

“Resident and staff safety is our top priority at Birmingham Green. We are following the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and our local and state agencies to stop the spread of COVID-19 within our community,” the press release said. 

The news comes one day after the Virginia Department of Health reported six outbreaks of COVID-19 in the Prince William Health District, including five in long-term care facilities. 

According to the press release, steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 include:

  • Restricting visitors from entering Birmingham Green buildings. 
  • A designated area in the nursing home set up for COVID-19 related and suspected cases. 
  • A hold placed on new admissions.
  • All group activities and communal dining has been canceled until further notice. 
  • Residents are monitored each shift for fever and respiratory symptoms and staff are monitored for symptoms, including temperature checks, at the start of their shifts. 
  • All staff are required to wear masks while working in the building, and all residents have been offered masks. 
  • N95 mask fit testing for staff has been conducted and is ongoing. 
  • Regular internal briefings are in place for staff and residents. 
  • Weekly staff, resident and family communications are in place. Families are communicated with through the responsible party or emergency contact listed on file.
  • All personal and facility laundry is being conducted in-house until further notice. 
  • Additional ancillary staff support has been added via contract management. 
  • Enhanced environmental sanitization procedures are in place. 
  • Number of non-direct care staff on campus has been limited for safety purposes. 
  • All but critical off-campus doctor appointments have been canceled, and residents are utilizing telehealth for doctor visits. 
  • All deliveries are made outside the buildings and accepted by staff members. 
  • Initial and ongoing COVID-19 education is in place. 
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Can you please provide an update to this story? My loved one had a fever and died 9 days later. They performed a test that took 5 days for results even when the doctor advised a rapid test. There are now at least 3-4x the number of cases as reported here.


In a letter from Birmingham Green to me today, May 7, reads that they have 20 staff members and 37 residents who have tested positive. One of those residents is my loved one, who was sent to the hospital on Wed morning and returned back to the facility on Wed night with a grim tested positive and you will be dead in a few days. No medical help because of his age and underlying medical conditions. This is so tragic. I'm so angry about the cover ups and the unwillingness to provide medical assistance to the elderly.


UPDATE: As promised by medical staff my loved one died on May 9th. I wonder how many more of the 37 if not more residents have passed. Nothing will get better in these facilities until they stop bringing back positive patients. And for my loved one, they just put him back in his same room, never isolated him from the other residents and god only knows how many more residents were affected during his transport in and out of the facility.

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