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An aerial photo of the parcel proposed to become the Devlin Technology Park, a 270-acre stretch proposed fordata center development at Devlin an Linton Hall Roads in Bristow. The area is next to the Hunter property, which has already been rezoned for new data centers.

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The Pathway to 2040 delivers an arrow to the heart of Prince William County with some of the most irresponsible land use decisions imaginable.

Santa Wheeler and her four obedient elves shoveled their Christmas coal into the BOCS money train after enduring hours of tiresome whining from constituents pleading for preservation of their communities.

Shady deals cooked up long ago behind closed doors were rubber stamped while disadvantaged county residents were left to spit into a wind of political indifference. Developers have been eagerly awaiting such a compliant Board that would abandon any semblance of prudence and give them carte blanche to run their bulldozers with reckless abandon. Our county is being vandalized before our very eyes by acquiescence or outright collusion from those we entrusted to represent us.

The decision on Devlin Technology Park was almost vindictive. With residents of Amberleigh Station and Silver Leaf Estates already drowning in a sea of incompatible industrial development, this Board decides to throw them an anchor. In the bargain, they point a dagger at the heart of Victory Lakes, Lanier Farms, Sheffield Manor and Chris Yung Elementary School.

As a Democrat, I am disgusted by the atrocious conduct of the Democratic charlatans presiding over this running disaster that has now been extended to every corner of the county. It’s time to realize the voters have inadvertently given guns to babies, and the adults need to take them away.


Five Democratic Supervisors who vote in anti-environmental lockstep.


The “adjustments” are like folding the deck chairs on the Titanic: futile action to keep looking busy and resulting in the inevitable destruction and loss.

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