Jen Wall

Jen Wall is the Republican-endorsed candidate for the Gainesville District school board seat.

Jennifer Wall

Candidate for: Gainesville District seat on the Prince William School Board

Endorsed by: the PWC Republican Committee

Education: Bachelor of Arts, humanities/English, Brigham Young University; Juris Doctor, J. Reuben Clark Law School, BYU.

Professional Experience: Legislative research associate, Stateside Associates (1999-2000); research associate, University of Newcastle UK (1997-98); legislative law clerk (1996-97). 

Parent volunteer: vice chair, Bull Run Middle School Principal's Advisory Council (2018-present); vice chair, Superintendent's Gifted Education Advisory Committee (2018-present), chair (2017-18), member (2014-present); chair, Bull Run Middle School, Principal's Advisory Council (2017-18); secretary, Gravely Elementary School, Principal's Advisory Council (2011-14); member, Bull Run Middle School Principal's Advisory Council (2012-14); member, Prince William County Schools’ Boundary Committee for Haymarket Elementary and Reagan Middlemember, Prince William County Schools Principal Selection Committee for Gravely Elementary and Bull Run Middle.

 My top three issues for running for school board: 

  1. Support our teachers: Pay teachers competitively to bring top talent to Prince William County and to keep that top talent here.
  2. Invest in our students: We need to expand security protections at our schools, focus on student needs and alleviate overcrowding to get our kids out of trailers.
  3. Promote fiscal responsibility: Ensure that the $1B+ budget with which the school board is entrusted is used in the best interest of our students

How does being a Republican affect the decisions I will make as a school board member? 

I have emphasized throughout my campaign that the school board is designed to be non-partisan so that we put students before any party affiliation. While there is no R or D after the names of the candidates on the ballot, in recent years the party designation that board members carry has at times kept the board from putting students first in Prince William County Schools.  

Partisanship can blind representatives to the merits of good policy and often stands in the way of elected officials listening to each other. Many people, like me, are tired of the hyper-partisan nature of government, including the school board. So, while I am indeed a Republican, I will always put students before party.  

Principles that will affect the decisions I will make as a school board member:

Education is a key driver in developing and maintaining successful, stable societies because it invests in the future of the rising generation and helps them discover and develop their intellectual, social and emotional potential. Our neighborhoods, communities, and country are stronger when our youth are given the opportunities they need to prepare for adulthood.  

Our government—especially the school board—should give great priority to supporting a strong educational system, and teachers are our most valuable human resource in educating our youth.  

An effective teacher has a long-lasting influence and can make a life-changing difference in the life of child, so parents and teachers should work together to benefit their children, and school boards and school staff play an important role in providing the support and governmental scaffolding to accomplish this task.  

The world in which our children are growing up is complex, and our youth feel pressure and face challenges that will require our attention and guidance. Schools should support the fundamental right and responsibility that parents have to direct the education of their children.  

Policy positions that reflect these values:

  1. We need to make sure that we compensate our teachers at a level that entices them to work in Prince William County and encourages them to stay in our county.  
  2. We need to extend the school resource officer pilot to every school in PWCS to create a secure learning environment for our children.
  3. We need to improve transparency and communication within the school division so that parents are more able to engage whenever possible in meaningful ways in their children’s education.  
  4. We should expand our specialty programs to encourage student engagement and achievement and implement recommended improvements to special education and counseling resources.  
  5. We need to manage our resources effectively so that we can decrease our reliance on trailers and other stop-gap measures and work with county leaders to anticipate and control growth within the school division.  
  6. We need to be fiscally responsible. Over half of county tax revenue goes toward schools. Hard-earned taxpayer dollars need to be spent wisely, which means scrutinizing budget decisions to ensure that our spending choices lead to paying teachers more and improving our schools.  
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