Dr. Babur Lateef

Dr. Babur Lateef is running for re-election for Prince William County School Board chairman.

Dr. Babur Lateef

Candidate for: chairman of the Prince William County School Board

Endorsed by: the PWC Democratic Committee

Professional experience: Eye physician/surgeon and ophthalmologist at Advanced Ophthalmology, Inc., serving Woodbridge and Manassas since 2002; assistant professor of ophthalmology at The George Washington University School of Medicine.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Youngstown State University; Doctor of Medicine, Northeastern Ohio Medical School; Ophthalmology residency, University of Rochester; Refractive surgery fellowship, University of Cincinnati.

What are your top three issues or reasons for running for the school board? 

To improve: Safety and security, student success, space and infrastructure and salaries for teachers and division employees. 

How do you think being a Democrat affects the decisions you make as a school board member? 

Simply, I believe the Democratic Party strives to include everyone, equally in the definition of WE THE PEOPLE and they are committed to making a more perfect union for all of us. 

This idea drives my commitment to making the schools better for all students with the intention to produce great students, great citizens and great leaders. This is my driving principle for all my decisions. This principle does not exclude ideas from people of other parties and it encourages cooperation with people with different political affiliations. 

Can you think of any recent policy decisions you made as a board member that reflect your Democratic values?

Yes. The recent vote on the on boundary lines for the 13th high school. This vote also included a resolution to:

  1. Begin to restore/increase funding to schools with economically disadvantaged children. 
  2. Commit to renovating the older schools to modernize them and make them more equitable with other schools.
  3. Renew attention to adding specialty programs across the county and specifically to Stonewall Jackson High School. 

I believe all three of these commitments reflect my values to equity and opportunity for all. And to accomplish this we worked across party lines to achieve a 7-to-1 vote in favor of this resolution. (Expanding we the people and working towards a more perfect union!)

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