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Signs promoting the “PW Digital Gateway” dot Pageland Lane in western Prince William County, where 102 landowners are seeking the Prince William Board of County Supervisors’ permission to replan their land for data centers. 

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Mary Ann Ghadban

Gateway sign 2

A sign opposing the Prince William Digital Gateway Project in Prince William County. 

PW digital gateway map that shows subdivisions along pageland land

More than 2,100 acres of Prince William County's once protected rural crescent would be replanned for new data centers if the Prince William Digital Gateway comprehensive plan amendment is approved.

Two data center companies have filed rezonings to build data centers in the corridor. The areas included in the QTS rezoning are outlined in dark blue on this map. They include two areas in the northern section of the Pageland Lane corridor, referred to as "phase 2" in the lawsuit, and two areas to the south, referred to in the lawsuit as "phase 1."

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PW County officials should have been smart enough to run from any projects associated with Ms. Ghadban. Opposition to the Gateway is building by the day. More and more people are beginning realize the negative impact this project will have on PWC. I urge Ms. Wheeler and the other Supervisors to dissociate themselves from the Digital Gateway train wreck that Ms. Ghadban set into motion.


Grab the popcorn! I've been wondering how the first assemblage worked out this very problem, not surprised to find out it didn't. I can't wait for the Movie of the Week version. [beam] [ohmy] [scared]


The Supervisors should wait until the law suit is settled before voting on the PWDG. The public has the right to know the whole truth before this issue is voted on. I hope they call Ann Wheeler to testify in the lawsuit. May then the public will get the whole truth.


What a rogue’s gallery! Just when you thought this saga couldn’t get any more unseemly. These folks are not only swindling Prince William County, they’re swindling each other. This whole Prince William Digital Gateway epic has the makings of a TV mini-series.

These are the folks your county government has thrown in with to develop the largest data center complex in history. It will be historical alright, but only for the sheer scope of embarrassment.

A friend told me yesterday that he would be willing to donate a plaque to erect on the site of the new data center development listing the names of the Planning Office staff, Planning Commissioners and Supervisors who were responsible for approval of the Prince William Digital Gateway. How long do you think it would take for those so named (and shamed) to pay to have it removed?


Not only are the Pageland Area landowners getting a 'bad deal' in their secret NDAs that the lawsuit has exposed, but the going rate for data center land in Ashburn is now approaching $2.5MILLION per acre per a land speculator, JKHoldings CEO. Mr. Kuhns claimed that in PWC the going rate may top $3MILLION before too long. Not only is MAGReality sticking it to the neighbors per the despute, but making FOOLS out of them.


Just offering a bribe is illegal....

§ 18.2-447. When person guilty of bribery.

A person shall be guilty of bribery under the provisions of this article:

(1) If he offers, confers or agrees to confer upon another (a) any pecuniary benefit as consideration for or to obtain or influence the recipient's decision, opinion, recommendation, vote or other exercise of discretion as a public servant or party official, or (b) any benefit as consideration for or to obtain or influence either the recipient's decision, opinion, recommendation, vote or other exercise of official discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding or the recipient's violation of a known legal duty as a public servant or party official; or


I see the lug nuts are loose on this wheeler plot. Everyone make sure these "democrats" get their due. Already there are candidates lining up to primary them. 2023 these supervisors are losing their jobs. Push this back on the schedule until 2023 and then watch the proposal be suddenly withdrawn . Then we need to fix this problem so there is incentive to preserve the rural crescent and the Manassas National Battlefield Park. "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.

Thomas Edison"


The plot thickens! The philanthropic foundation was always a sham to ANYONE who understood land use process. But my guess is too many people in a leadership postion believed really thought they were going to get all this "free" money for pet projects. It was so obvious to anyone paying attention. My guess is the attempt to "bribe" the county with a 500,000 dollar illegal proffer for affordable housing in connection with the 29/66 Technology Park was a rude awakening when citizens and Jeanine Lawson stood up in strong oppostion ensuring it failed.

The reality is that this developer driven application that WILL cause harm countywide is finally being laid bare for the world to see it's corrupt underpinnings.

It is time for this Board to see the truth and put an end to this wanton destruction of our natural resources that will only create a handful of 1% ers who sell their land for multi millions while leaving the rest of us to deal with the long term damage this will cause to our irreplaceable natural and historic resources.

Sustainable credible long term planning is lost in this application and we can all see this happening like a slow moving train wreck. It's not too late to recognize that the path we are on requires a serious course correction.

We have tens of millions of sq ft of data center development approved and not yet built, let's focus on that ecomomic opportunity and then consider what needs to happen next, if anything. Because by then, let us hope, there has been a leap in technology and storing data is much more efficent.

Watching pwc

Jeanine may have opposed the 500k proffer, but she still voted to put the data centers there at 55 & Catharpin

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