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“Un Poco de Todo Amoroso” (A Little Bit of Everything Amoroso)

“Un Poco de Todo Amoroso” (A Little Bit of Everything Amoroso) encapsulates the David Amoroso art aesthetic. David Amoroso is an Arlington artist who shows his admiration for Latin culture through his artwork. In David’s exhibit “Un Poco de Todo Amoroso”, the artist represents three distinctive sides of his LatinX-inspired artwork. Mexican Icons (mid-century cultural and religious images) are updated with bright colors and rough lines. Latino Products are enlarged to epic proportions or repeated ad nauseam in rainbow colors to mimic their ridiculously lavish flavor options. El Machismo and concepts of masculinity are explored through the juxtaposition of macho posturing and retro wallpaper and decorative designs. Each subject is interlaced with and subdued by the delicate elements of retro wallpaper designs, which rest like tattoos across their bodies and engulf the subjects.



My affinity and admiration for Latino Culture is represented through portraits and pop-culture references. Over a span of 20 years, I have delved into themes relating to Mexican Iconography, Central American Culture, Latino Products, Immigration, Dia de los Muertos and Dia de la Virgin Celebrations, and Machismo. My work is unquestionably contemporary, yet it maintains a strong nostalgic connection to the past.

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9419 Battle Street
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