On July 14th, 2019 Spend a Day with Mrs. Virginia @ the Manassas Mall!
She will start the day by reading a series of 'SAFE HEART Benefit books to children near the center of the Mall. 

SAFE Heart Books’ give her the opportunity to Empower children, to take Ownership over their own hearts and bodies, raise their awareness and give them the ability to protect themselves against anyone who may try to harm them. 

The books are unique and sold through Damsel in Defense - https://damselindefense.net/

Our mission is to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families. Our Independent Damsel Pros are not only arming others and experiencing financial freedom, but also offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault.

Mrs. Virginia - Brieanna King-Kulik is representing the beautiful State of Virginia in upcoming United States National Pageant Competition, in Las Vegas, NV during National Pageant week; July 28- August 4th. Following the Book reading she will participate in a series of fundraising events to help promote her platforms:

1) Eating Disorder Awareness and Support.

 2) Women Self-Defense and Empowerment.

3) Veterans, Military and their Families.

Come meet a real life superwoman, and let her explain however woman is a super woman! 


Manassas Mall

8300 Sudley Rd
Manassas, VA 20109

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