Ian Lovejoy Treasure Quest

Ian Lovejoy, a Manassas City councilman, is launching "Treasure Quest Adventures."

Manassas City Councilman Ian Lovejoy is on a quest to give away $50,000 over the next three months and it has nothing to do with politics. Rather, it’s part of his new entertainment business: Treasure Quest Adventures.

Treasure Quest Adventures is a new business pursuit for Lovejoy, 38, which he described in a press release as a “series of real-world treasure hunts.”

The company has so far scheduled five treasure quests that will take place throughout Northern Virginia in August, September and October. The first quest will take place in Prince William County on Saturday, Aug. 22, followed by Saturday quests in Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington and Montgomery counties.

Lovejoy said each treasure quest is a mix of virtual and real-world clues, puzzles and riddles that lead participants toward the $10,000 treasure hidden in the community. The first participant – or team—that finds it, keeps it. 

“Our hope is to give the community something positive and fun to focus on -- something families can do together that gets folks out of the house safely and encourages them explore their community in a new way,” Lovejoy said. 

The prize will be either a real $10,000 or a certificate that can be exchanged for $10,000, Lovejoy said, and the quest is designed so that only a registered participant can find the prize. 

Participants can work individually or as a team, but Lovejoy recommends limiting groups to families or small groups of friends.  

“You want someone on your team who is good at puzzles and trivia,” Lovejoy said. 

Participants don’t have to live in the area of a quest and can participate in multiple treasure hunts. Having cursory knowledge of the area could be helpful, Lovejoy said, “but it’s not required.” 

According to Treasure Quest Adventures website, the company uses a mix of virtual and real-world clues designed with COVID-19 in mind. And any real-world engagements are always in open spaces where social distancing is most feasible.

The cost to participate in a quest is $55. Each quest has a limit on how many can participate, and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Visit https://finishthequest.com/ For more information on how to participate. 

Lovejoy is also the founder and CEO of Reliant Hiring Solutions, a company that facilitates job fairs mostly in the health care, law-enforcement and veteran sectors for employers and job seekers throughout the U.S. He’s also a Republican running for a third term on the Manassas City Council this November.

Reach Daniel Berti at dberti@fauquier.com

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