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Manassas Ballet dancers rehearse a scene from “Don Quixote.” 

The Manassas Ballet isn’t letting the pandemic get in the way of their fall performance season. The local troupe is performing at their regular venue, the Hylton Performing Arts Center, and bringing the show to their fans via at-home streaming. 

“Don Quixote,” streaming from Saturday, Oct. 17 to Nov. 16, is a sensational and spicy classical ballet set in Barcelona that incorporates all the great elements: longing, love, loss and, in the end, a wedding. Dancing the principal roles are Joshua Burnham and Kaitlin Frankenfield as “Basilio” and “Kitri,” and Alice DeNardi and Ahmed Nabil as “Mercedes” and “Espada.” The program also features bonus scenes with Masaya Kaneko and Julianne Russell as “Basilio” and “Kitri,” and Debora Greer and Shady Mohamed as “Mercedes” and “Espada.”

Stream the “Don Quixote” at:


Manassas Ballet dancers rehearse a scene from “Frankenstein.”

"Frankenstein," streaming from Saturday, Oct. 31 through Nov. 30, is a classic and frightening legend coming to you from Hylton Performing Arts Center’s Merchant Stage on Halloween. 

The Kim Reynolds Band brings an original score as the dancers weave the tale with choreography by Amy Grant Wolfe. Joshua Burnham and Shady Mohamed return to the principal roles of Victor Frankenstein and the monster, which they first danced in MBT's 2016 production. 

Other featured dancers include Kaitlin Frankenfield as “Elizabeth,” Julianne Russell as “Justine,” Hannah Locke as “Frankenstein's mother,” Vadim Slatvitskiy, “Frankenstein's Father,” Masaya Kaneko, as “Henry,” Chelsea Endris as “Safie,” Debora Greer as “Agatha,” Vadim Slatvitskiy as “Felix,” and Jill Signer as “the Monster's Wife.”

Stream “Frankenstein” at:

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